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Energy Saving Conduction, Convection & Radiation

1) Condensate is the liquid formed when steam passes from the vapor to the liquid state.
2) In a heating process, condensate is the result of steam transferring a portion of its heat energy, known as latent heat, to the product, line, or equipment being heated.

Convectionis the transfer of internal energy into or out of an object by the physical movement of a surrounding fluid that transfers the internal energy along with its mass. Although the heat is initially transferred between the object and the fluid by conduction, the bulk transfer of energy comes from the motion of the fluid. Convection can arisespontaneously(or naturally or freely) through the creation of convection cells or can beforcedby propelling the fluid across the object or by the object through the fluid.

1) As we all are aware, Heat losses from hot surface to atmosphere are due to Radiation, Conduction and Convection. From this 70% losses are due to Radiation and balance only 30% are due to conduction and convection
2) But general concept is that if we put conduction resistant insulation to hot surface and bring the surface temperature to near ambient, we feel that we have achieved energy saving. Yes indeed!
3) We have achieved energy saving but were able to block heat losses of 30% only which are due to conduction and convection. What about Radiation? Have we ever thought about it?

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  • UGAM S I Thermal Insulation Coating
  • UGAM S I Thermal Insulation Coating
  • UGAM S I Thermal Insulation Coating
  • UGAM S I Thermal Insulation Coating
UGAM S I Thermal Insulation Coating
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UGAM S I Thermal Insulation Coating

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Product Details:
Minimum Order Quantity200 Kg
Type of Insulation MaterialPaint & Coating
Type of ServiceCoating
Insulated InPipe
Insulation ServicesPipeline
Packaging Size20 Kgs
Packaging TypeBag
SurfaceDesign for every surface

We are glad to introduce our-self a leading manufacturing in thermal insulation coatings. 



       This coating is specially developed as replacement to other insulation available in market. Please find below special advantages of this coating.

  • Has conduction, convection and radiation heat transfer control. Hence great energy saving will be achieved.
  • Does not require shutdown. Application is to be done online.
  • It is anticorrosive and does not allow the base pipe to corrode.
  • No any aluminium cladding required.
  • Reduces Shell exterior temperature thereby reducing exterior heat transfer and hence reducing energy consumption. 
  • Being inorganic in nature it is eco-friendly.
  • It is Fire resistant. It does not catch fire or does not spread fire.
  • Economical, safe and affordable to install
  • Thickness of this coating 1/3rd of your other insulation.

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: LP200
  • Port of Dispatch: Ex Works
  • Production Capacity: 6000 Tons
  • Delivery Time: 1 Week
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UGAM V. C. T. I. Coating
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UGAM V. C. T. I. Coating

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A) Features

1) The Product is mainly used for reducing the surface temperatures of hot surfaces like Exterior of boilers.
2) When there is heavy heat losses through boiler surfaces, UGAM V C T I coating is the best solution to arrest the same.
3) Approximately 30 to 50 mm thick coating is to be applied depending upon the surface temperature. Our technical team will provide you the guidance on the same.
4) This is also used for reducing the surface temperatures of steam lines, hot water lines, hot gasses lines, hot oil lines etc.
5) The pipelines are coated over with UGAM V C T I coating to bring the temperatures to ambient.
6) This also provides energy saving and increased efficiency due to blocking of heat losses.
7) This is ideally suitable for reducing surface temperatures of furnaces and tobring it to near to ambient.

1. Ambuja Chemicals Ltd, Ahmedabad.
2. Reliance Industries Ltd. Patalganga.
3. I P C L Baroda.
4. O N G C – Neelam and Heera Platform.

The technical specification is correct to the best of our knowledge and under test conditions and we do not accept any liability towards misuse and contents of it. Product must be tested for specific use prior to use.

For further details or any queries please do not hesitate to contact us.

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: LP170
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 200 Kg
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